Name Dropping

I was thinking it would be fun to drop some names. It’s not that I think I’m cool or anything, but in my previous career I interact with a lot of famous people.

The first famous people I met was when I worked at Royal Recorders, a recording studio in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. They included Jerry Harrison, Adrian Belew, Tommy Shaw (of Styx) and Sebastian Bach. I was an assistant recording engineer so the majority of my interaction was stuff like “Do you want cream or sugar?” and “Here’s your headphones.”.

Then I moved to Paisley Park. Meeting Prince for the first time was scary. I used to love him. He is an intimidating personality. The first time I met him he asked me to open the vault for him. Apparently he didn’t (at that time) know the combination to his own vault. The vault was full of tapes — like a 20 by 20 room with nothing but big 2″ multitrack tapes and mixes and some CD’s and stuff. I didn’t know the combination to the lock either so I had to call someone and they were trying to talk me through it and it kept not opening. Prince was sitting there staring at me as I tried over and over and finally got it. I ended up working one-on-one with Prince a lot — hours and hours for weeks on end. He works the crap out of you. When working with Prince I met a lot of people. I borrowed a smoke from Sinead O’Connor. I drove Carmen Electra around in my Hyundai. I met Paula Abdul, George Clinton, Morris Day (and Jerome), Bobby Z., Dr. Fink, Vanity, The Replacements, Kim Basinger (who brought me in a piece of pie to the studio), PM Dawn. I talked to Kate Bush on the phone. I recorded some organ with Michael Stipe from REM at the Basillica. I did some mixing for MC Hammer, produced a song with Prince for Elisa Fiorillo. Wrote and produced a record for Ingrid Chavez.

After Paisley I met Booker T, Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn from Booker T and the MG’s. I worked with some lesser known bands such as E (who later formed the Eels), frente from Australia, Moxy Fruvous and Basehead.

Name Dropping

3 thoughts on “Name Dropping

  1. chad says:

    I know it’s not exactly serious subject matter, but if you want to share some music industry stories I’d imagine they’d be pretty interesting. Or just some essays on music in general — if you don’t want to piss off the purple one. 😉


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