Symbology is important because some things can’t be said directly. We may be thinking of sublime things but not only sublime things. Things like cosmology and particle physics — string theory — these things may be so complex that they can’t be understood any other way. The two-dimensional man cannot conceive of a third dimension. What can’t we conceive of?

The human ability of pattern matching is extremely important. That’s how we learn and progress. They didn’t have the technology we have now 200 years ago. They had all the necessary materials but they didn’t know what to do with it. It took physicists and mathematicians to build the foundation that engineers built this world on. This is the result of pattern matching and symbology. First we understood things symbolically (like light, magnetism, the motion of the planets, electricity). Then we built on these patterns. We wrote it down. And science evolved.

Symbology is a way of communicating differently. It’s why it was the first way ancient people “wrote”. First they drew pictures and then pictures became symbols. These words are symbols. This: 2+2=4 is symbols. This: $100 is symbols.

Stories are symbols. Ideas portray themselves as symbols. We think in symbols. We dream symbols. Symbols symbols symbols.

There are things more important than what we possess. Much more important. Our lives must be valid. They must be meaningful. We must teach our children much more. We can only do this by living it. Living it is realizing that you have tremendous local impact. You must participate in it. You must focus on what is important. You gotta let your dim light shine.

Dig deeper into that part of yourself that is real.

This is what the symbols are telling us.


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