Intoxicant double-standards

Michael Phelps gets suspended for smoking a bong hit. Had he drank an entire bottle of vodka, it wouldn’t have made page 7 of the sports page. Because he smokes a bong hit, he’s front page news.


Intoxicant double-standards

One thought on “Intoxicant double-standards

  1. Xarro says:

    Of course it is and those kind of double-standards are common throughout the Western world. In Belgium pot’s both legal and illegal: you can own it and smoke it at home… but you can neither sell nor purchase it! I don’t know what you’re supposed to do, really. Because I think growing is illegal too. Maybe it is supposed to rain down from the Heavens into our hands or something… beats me.

    And of course, people would suggest rehab if they saw you smoking pot… but in the meantime drink wine with every meal they have.


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