2 Random thoughts

1. Singing is hard. Some people get the false impression that singing is a wonderful, joyous and carefree form of expression. It can be, but it’s a lot of work getting there. There are a few freaks in the world for whom singing comes very easily. For most of us, it takes intense concentration and a lot of physical energy. That’s why we make the sour lemon face sometimes. ‘Cause we are working our asses off.

2. The GOP are still idiots. I don’t know about this whole “bail out” thing myself. I have no problem with people debating the merits of such actions. I think the true motivation of such an action is to instill confidence in the markets. Everyone involved in the financial industries wants the bailouts. They want government action. This is truly the most likely and best way for the bailout to work: if the markets gain confidence and in 4 years we are sitting on a big, growing economy again. But the GOP are idiots because Obama met with them, gave concessions to them and has been trying to build consensus across the aisle. The response in the House was zero support. Their first vote with a new President who is clearly trying to change the tone is partisan heads up partisan asses on the GOP side. The bill isn’t done. There is plenty of time to improve it in the process. The Republicans, though, to a man, choose to pull out their very small dicks and oppose it. Not one vote for working on it together. Thus, they are idiots, QED.

2 Random thoughts

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