Palin's great moment

A friend sent me this. We’ve all seen that Palin clip by now. I think it is maybe the first time that SNL was able to use a quote word for word and have it be absolutely hilarious. Jack is mad and he should be.

I would forgive Palin for having one bad moment. We all say stupid things. Lord knows micadelic is going to paste some Obama clip to insure proper balance. But with Palin they are ALL bad moments. I haven’t heard her say an intelligent thing yet, outside of her speech at the convention. She’s not quick on her feet, she’s not well-informed, she’s not highly educated and she’s not articulate. She would be a horrible candidate for President. With McCain being 72 years old, she is running for President. And thus the MaCain-Palin ticket is excluded from being a serious choice for your vote.

I know, I’m some big elitist because I want our highest leaders to be highly intelligent.


Palin's great moment

6 thoughts on “Palin's great moment

  1. imagine says:

    It is not Palins fault that she is completely unqualified. She is who she is. Let us not forget who put her into this spot. We all know that when you step into this spotlight it shines everywhere.

    I do agree with “mic’….things can change and after we elected Bush twice it is clear that anything can happen.

    My question remains- This is the best the Republicans can put up? This is the number 2? out of the entire country…..Palin is the best they have?


  2. None of the qualities you mention are germane to her aspirations to be the VP. She better be damn smart and really knowledgeable about current affairs. Don’t you think? We’re talking about the #2 office in the nation. You guys act like she needs a free pass. Obama and Biden have been grilled and will continue to be grilled.

    I truly don’t give a damn what gender the candidates are, what race they are, where they are from or what their particular family situation is. I don’t care about that stuff. At first I thought Palin might be a really tough candidate. I’m actually disappointed.


  3. and please…

    continue on with the condescension, belittling, petty insults, and character assassination. i think it;s really going to work for you.

    after all, she has young children, one has special needs, her oldest daughter is pregnant, she’s got way too much on her plate. how dare she run for office. what a crappy mom she is. she needs to go back to alaska and care for her family.


  4. i’m keeping my powder dry. just don’t be so sure of yourselves. things can change very rapidly.

    i’ll say one thing, you all are underestimating palin, which is good thing from my perspective.

    don’t be too cocky yet.


  5. fishdweeb says:

    The biggest insult is to the republican voters. This is the person that they party “says'” is the next best person to be President. This is the person that is ‘ready’ to lead the country should something happen to the President. This is the person that has skills and abilities that are so important that the President and the Party want those skills in the cabinet.

    In truth (imho) Palin was a purely political choice. Purely a sexist choice. Purely a choice to motivate the zealots in the conservative party as they were falling away from the McCain campaign.

    McCain maybe would rather “loose a political race rather than a war” The party obviously is willing to pander to a much lower ideology.

    She has proven to be a huge mistake thus far. She really needs to, at the very least, hold her own on thursday against Biden. She has been sequestered since her nomination. Teams are working with her full time. Coaching her on what to say. Telling her the questions. Telling her what quips and retorts to use. Basically she has been at “play practice” trying to learn how to be a VP nominee.

    An incredibly embarassing time to be a Republican. The longer they stand behind this nitwit the more embarassed they should be. However their track record is to find as many “jethro’s” as they can…..while Mccain is not a “jethro” he is certainly no carrying a whole lot of dead weight up a hill that he was already having trouble climbing.

    Should McCain be elected (and I can not imagine anything short of a landslide against, but I have been proven wrong…BUSH/GORE, BUSH/KERRY) the entire country, left and right and moderate will pray long and hard for his good health and mental stability.


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