Palin is a liability

Palin is a liability to McCain and the US of A. She is the intellectual equivalent of George W. Bush. She is not educated, not informed, not intellectually curious, not quick on her feet and completely inappropriate for the job of President. It has nothing to do with her being a woman. I’m glad that we are starting to get women in these races. I would love to vote for a woman for President if she shared my views and demonstrated the skills necessary to do the job.

Palin is doing the one thing that a VP candidate should never do — weakening the ticket. The Republican ticket consists of an old man who can’t seem to control his campaign and a woman who clearly doesn’t have a clue. The financial crisis on Wall St. is damning as hell to the incumbent party and I think we are at the beginning of a McCain tailspin to defeat.

It’s clearly not over yet, but the Palin love affair, with the exception of the most brain-washed pro-lifers, is completely over.

Palin is a liability

One thought on “Palin is a liability

  1. fishdweeb says:

    You are far to kind. Palin is completely out of her league. The interview with her and couric? She comes accross as a complete moron.

    McCain has to go back and save Wallstreet?, great…normally you would then leave your campaign to your ‘2nd’…however they are choosing to hide her.

    she steps up against biden (or ronald mcdonald) in a debate about anything …she gets pwnd’!

    I am completely amazed that the right chose that “millstone” for this campaign. I predict they do everything they can to keep her ‘underwraps’ for the next 40 days…

    If you haven’t read recent articles by George Will, go do it.


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