Coleman's hatchet job on Franken

Coleman is running the same ad over and over with some angry old lady Democrat saying that Franken is a bad, bad man because he said off color things in his career as a comedian.

I have no respect for Coleman. But, c’mon, man, is that the best you’ve got? There is not a single mention of an issue nor a single mention of a quality or position of Coleman in the ad. It’s just a half-ass hatchet job of Franken based on something we all know — he was a comedy writer and satirist. Then Coleman says “I approve this message” at the end. What a hack.

The Franken ad I see playing over and over talks about things Franken has done and never mentions Coleman. In fact, he has a Republican from Texas endorsing him.

Franken will be 100 times the Senator that Coleman has been. I think we actually have an opportunity to have a Wellstone-like Senator in Franken and I support him completely.

Coleman's hatchet job on Franken

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