Stillwater's embarrassing representative

Rep. Michele Bachmann is just not very smart. She’s also an evil See You Next Tuesday but this post is about the former, her utter lack of intelligence.

The Minnesota Independent is reporting that Bachmann slams Democrats for not passing a bill for a tax credit for solar and wind energy. The funny part — she voted against it! The other funny part, such a bill did pass!

Please, Stillwater, MN, get rid of this embarrassing, retarded and evil woman and elect someone sensible to represent you.

Stillwater's embarrassing representative

12 thoughts on “Stillwater's embarrassing representative

  1. I agree to a large part with everything you say. I am in the “pox on both their houses” camp. I believe that electing a Barack Obama would be an overcorrection to that lack of balance but I do understand the temptation.

    I agree with almost nothing Bush has done except the Iraq war which I do feel was justifiable and the correct response at the time. Both sides, Republicans included, have made a grand mess of just about everything else.

    Respectfully, the answer is not to elect the most far left Senator that’s ever run for President. As much as I have problems with McCain, he is much more moderate, more experienced, and more capable to run this country right now than Obama.

    I have to say, the world has become a very, very dangerous place and not because of Iraq. Look at Russia, their complicit relationship with Iran, and the useless United Nation. Things are stacked very much against this country right now and I am very worried about it. Watching Bush watch the Olympics last night while Georgia was literally on fire, made me ill. He’s waiting out the clock right now and I thought he had more character than that.


  2. I agree, it has to be a balance. It’s not a balance. The country has tipped heavily toward corporate ownership of our government. Ralph Nader is completely correct about that. Big money and big business own the government and the interests of the average American are not being represented. To paraphrase Paul Wellstone, the rich folks and corporations don’t need any more representation. They have shit tons of influence. Regular people need representation and they are not getting it.

    As a side note, one reason I think Republicans are so stupid is they elect people on principles like God/guns/gays or small government and then they get completely robbed by the people they elect. Jobs go overseas (Walmart), corporate assets get gutted (Enron, WorldCom) the US Treasury gets raided (Haliburton) and our children’s incomes get spent (Bush proposes $3.1 Trillion Budget).

    Yes, we need balance. There is no balance now.


  3. I think that Republicans (and I am not one, BTW) believe that without healthy corporations and rich people, there would be no jobs, no upward mobility, and no hope for the real “American Dream.” There has to be a balance. Great big huge profitable corporations played a huge part in making this country what it is. Big oil makes about .08 on a dollar in profit, this is not a great margin. Their “record profits” are so huge because the industry on a whole is huge, it’s the biggest industry on the planet. What should their acceptable profit be? .04 on a dollar? If so, they would still make a huge amount of money. Do you want them to lose money? Should we nationalize the oil companies? When you put huge tax burdens on corporations, they move offshore, they find other places to operate, they hire lawyers and find loopholes, that’s what they do. You need to have a good climate for business to grow and prosper or it will grow and prosper somewhere else taking the jobs, and money, with it.

    Michael, what is the profit margin in your business? If the demand for what you did was 6 trillion dollars a year (which is close I think to what the total global market is for oil) then what would your profit be on that?

    Big business is good, not inherently evil.


  4. Michelle Bachman may be stupid but she’s not evil.

    It’s, perhaps, a well-intentioned evil. For example, there were people who were racists decades ago because they thought that it was the natural order of things. They were wrong and evil for various definitions of the word. The way the Republican party errors on the side of protecting rich people and corporations is, I think, bizarre and unconscionable.

    I support making wise decisions about our natural resources. The paranoid view of the Republicans is that they use $4 gas as an excuse to revoke environmental laws and empower oil corporations, which are already wildly wealthy, to further enrich themselves in a short-term gold rush for the remaining supplies of oil. It’s not strategic and it’s not a long- or even mid-term solution.


  5. Michelle Bachman may be stupid but she’s not evil. I believe she is doing the best she can to further the agenda as she sees it.

    Most Republicans that I know believe we should encourage wind and solar through tax incentives, or maybe through a “prize” but not at the expense of additional drilling and exploration. The dems and repubs treat these options as if they are mutually exclusive. They are not.

    I support the T. Boone Pickens plan that calls for all of the above. There should be exploration and drilling to try and at least cut down on our dependence of oil from countries and regimes who use the money to quite literally kill us and work against our greater good. At the same time we must figure out a way to get to the next solution. Truth is, no matter what, we will need carbon fuels for a long. long time to come. During that time, lets use our own natural resources instead of funding the very people who wish to do us harm.


  6. OK, after sleeping on it your initial reply seems a little less pissy.

    But still…do you think we should encourage solar and wind energy with tax incentives? Do we agree on that? If so, why do people like Bachmann work against it and then act like it is the Democrats who are not working toward it? The Democrats are working toward it and the Republicans are stopping it to protect the richest of the rich. They are fine with subsidizing big oil but they pull out the tried and true “no new taxes” bullshit when it comes to things like this?

    I’m not going to defend Pelosi, she has earned her criticisms. But Bachmann is the worst of the worst.


  7. I just don’t get why you have to layer in these personal attacks. I didn’t attack you in this post, I attacked Michelle Bachmann. You reply with this crap about how I’m uninformed, close minded, missed the point, blah blah blah. Can we just discuss things without that subtext? Yes, I called Michelle Bachmann an idiot. I didn’t call you an idiot and I’m just not enjoying the pissy tone of these debates lately.

    I think it is patently ridiculous for Michelle Bachmann to say what she said in the quote above. The Democrats have a ridiculously slim majority. She blames the Democrats for not passing a bill she worked against? It’s nonsense.

    So yes, I’m hard on Michelle Bachmann. I don’t think she’s listening to me. I’m trying to get a better tone between you and I on this blog or this isn’t going to be fun anymore.

    What do you think?

    And if you reply with some pissy shit about how I’m defensive and afraid of people’s opinions and shit I’m going to tell you to fuck off. 😉


  8. Dude,
    I have been looking into this and these issues are pretty convoluted. An extension was passed as an attachment to a housing bill back in May so that may be what the Independent is talking about.

    Bachman may have also been referring to the Congresses failure to pass an extension back in 2007 due to some failure of compromise on both ends.

    For you to lay all the blame at the feet of the Republicans for not totally caving to the views of your party is really myopic.

    This also has a lot to do with the Dems intransigence on certain issues as well as the Repubs. I’m actually trying to make some sense of it. My basic objection is you ascribing the worst possible motives to the right and the best to the left. The truth is somewhere between.

    I’m really not trying to be a self-righteous dick, just attempting to not let every opinion you write to go unchallenged.

    Why are you so prickly and defensive? The way I’m reading this I could equally call you a self-righteous dick but I’m tryng to not go there.

    I guess if you can’t be civil, I will just quit wasting both of our time and you can continue on with your echo chamber.


  9. PS – I don’t know why you are going on with this BS that I don’t know what I am talking about. Said the Independent “The Democrats did pass such a bill in the House, but without Bachmann’s help.” The Senate didn’t pass it because of special interests pulling the puppet strings of the Republicans.

    Bachmann’s an idiot and I personally consider it evil to use your power in congress to protect the interests of the richest people in the country. That’s why I liked Paul Wellstone, because he understood who he was supposed to represent.

    And thank you for once again being a self-righteous dick all the while defending Michele Bachmann! You make the GOP proud.


  10. You can spin it any way you want but the fact is your party controls Congress. You can say Republicans blocked it because they don’t like the way it’s being paid for but I can say that Democrats are blocking it’s package by refusing to negotiate on funding and by refusing to compromise on drilling and exploration.

    You know how politics is played. Bachman can say they didn’t pass it because they refused to compromise. Dems can say that Republicans blocked it because they would not compromise on funding.

    But for you to say that Bachman is “evil” for practicing the same kind of political-speak they are all guilty of is really not fair.

    Bachman is saying that they should have passed this bill, and could have passed this bill, if they would have been reasonable. The atmosphere in Congress right now is poisonous and there is plenty of blame on both sides. I of course, put most of the blame on your side as it is really they who are most intractable.

    For Pelosi to not even allow energy bills to come up for a vote is unforgivable if you ask me. Pelosi is perhaps the worst speaker in history of any party.


  11. Umm, did you read the article you linked?

    Wednesday, for the fourth time this summer, Senate Republicans blocked a short-term tax-extension package that would have been paid for by delaying a tax break for multinational companies and preventing hedge fund managers from deferring some overseas profits.

    The reason it didn’t pass is because it was blocked by Republicans protecting the interests of multinational companies and hedge funds. How exactly is this the green Democrats fault?


  12. Michael,
    You really should e better informed before you go off accusing people of being “evil.” At least you didn’t call her an “empty suited pander machine” which would have been totally uncalled for.

    Rep. Bachman was referring to the fact that Congress had failed to pass a bill that would extend tax credits to companies that invest in solar and wind energy. You can read about it here:

    What she is saying that the supposed “green” democrats won’t even bring up for a vote a bill that they should theoretically be all for passing.

    Republicans are against the bill because they see it as a tax increase and Rep. Bachman is opposed to it on that level. She is simply noting the the apparent hypocrisy and obstructionist nature of this Pelosi led congress. It’s not that she is dissing them for not passing a bill that she supports, she’s dissing them for not bringing up for a vote a bill that they do endorse. Bachman’s position on it is pretty much irrelevant in this context.

    So, maybe not so evil then?

    This is one of my primary contentions with the left, they accuse the right of being evil whereas the right, for the most part, just see the left as wrong. Well intentioned maybe, but wrong. This is how I view most of the left, even Obama. I do not think of you as evil, just severely mistaken about the solutions to most issues.

    I think this propensity for you to accuse the right of being evil, is really what sets me off. We are not evil, we just see different solutions to the same problem. Maybe it is you who needs to have more of an open mind in order to have a more rational debate.

    In this case I’m afraid that in your zeal to impugn anyone with an “R” after their name, you’ve totally missed the point and the underlying facts of the matter.


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