Apple Sucks Too

Apple is the latest company to release a product without having enough supply to meet demand. If this is a marketing tactic it is the dumbest goddamn marketing tactic I have ever heard of. You still can’t buy a Wii, for example, from WTF, guys, do you know anything at all about business? Now Apple can’t keep the new iPhone 3G in the stores. Did you not know the launch date was coming up? Whose job was it to make sure you could actually sell the goddamn phones? Fire that person.

In the past when Apple had popular product launches you could walk in the store on Day 1 and buy it. Now Apple has joined the ranks of companies so stupid they let supply limit their sales rather than demand. There is a phrase for this: bad planning.

Apple Sucks Too

One thought on “Apple Sucks Too

  1. R4Dt says:

    Are you really sure this is a “mistake” ?

    I would say it’s rather “daring” but clever marketing!
    For two reasons;
    1. If a product is a bit daring, or is not a certain “runner” – it would be devastating for a “small” company like apple (well…) to produce faaar to many units that never gets sold.
    I would even go so far and say – apple did this earlier in their history, and learned that this can brake your neck!
    Let’s just assume that …Samsung by coicidence release a smashing mobile-phone 2 days before the 3G hits the store…
    This unit is just soooo much cooler, and cheaper than the 3G!
    -you still think that everybody runs for the 3G?
    I’d say they learned it well;
    Try the market, and also – make a;
    2. HYPE OF IT!
    – it’s so darn popular that it’s imposible to get a unit to all the population on earth screaming after more!!!
    (…are you sure you wanna buy this samsung unit??)

    I don’t think they are stupid at apple…
    Rather contrary!




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