God damn you divorced people

I called the doctor today because my infant son was exposed to chicken pox. The person on the phone, after verifying my identify thoroughly (which I appreciate) proceeded to tell me that someone else had already called the doctor on behalf of my son but she could not tell me who it was.

So…the hospital can’t tell me, the father of my son, who called the hospital about my son? That is fucking insane.

It’s probably related to all you divorced people who hate your ex. If this was a rational world, not only would they be able to tell me who is calling the hospital on behalf of my son, they would fucking call me and tell me about it. Apparently being the legal parent and guardian of my son doesn’t give me the privilege of knowing who is getting medical care for my son? Again, that is fucking insane.

God damn you divorced people

One thought on “God damn you divorced people

  1. This is probably a stupid title. At first I thought that hospitals do this because of the conflict between ex’s. Upon reflection, it’s probably more related to religious idiots e.g. when the mom is taking the daughter in for an abortion and the dad doesn’t know about it. I support it under those circumstances.


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