4 thoughts on “McCain on McCain

  1. Sorry for the late response, been a little busy…

    Once again you totally miss my point. I went and grabbed the first video I saw from the kazillion that are out there making Obama look foolish (which isn’t hard – BTW). If you want me to go find one more appropriate that uses Obama speaking and contradicting himself, I’m sure I could find it or compile it.


  2. mnphenow says:

    The McCain one is far worse, though the Obama video doesn’t exactly give me the warm fuzzies.

    I’d be more concerned over the fact that they are both members of the Council on Foreign Relations:

    How about lets not fight over whether we elect a blue elite or a red elite and instead elect someone who actually represents the people and honors our constitution.


  3. I think it’s perfectly fair to use a candidate’s own words against them. I don’t think it is fair to try to take words out of context and create meaning that wasn’t intended.

    I watched your Obama video and I think it makes a very weak case against Obama. It’s ridiculous, in fact, how they try to make it seem so dramatic.

    The video I linked to makes a pretty strong case against McCain and it does so without all this bullshit op-ed crap wrapped around it. It’s just his own words.

    So…is McCain being unfair to McCain?


  4. wow, you can put together a video montage of a politician and make them look foolish? weird. a politician lied, or mispoke, or pandered? wow!!! this is horshit amateur, koskiddie, partisan hack bullshit that you should be above.

    hey, how about this one?

    you want 20 more just like it?

    Just in case my embed code doesn’t work on this blog, here’s the link:


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