Blog software update (again)

Behold, my blog is now on WordPress. Note that this is not the final design, it’s just a temporary design while Kyle finishes up the new design. You will see some weird things happen, perhaps, from time to time as we try out the new design.

If you are a frequent visitor I would highly encourage you to register. Then I can approve you so you can comment without moderation. I’m going to try to set the perms as liberally as I can without being bombarded with spam.

The old version of is here for a little while in case I screwed anything up.

Blog software update (again)

2 thoughts on “Blog software update (again)

  1. kmeyer says:

    WordPress upgrades are one click from now on in 2.5, so as long as you stick with WordPress you won’t have any horrors.


  2. It looks like I did lose some images and stuff so I’ll be cleaning that up in the next couple of days. Hopefully this is the last major software update for a long time.


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