Operation Chaos

Yes, Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot. Al Franken nailed that one on the head.

It’s sad and pathetic that retarded Republicans like Rush Limbaugh would interfere with the democratic process. Do you believe in democracy or not, Rush, you dumbshit?

Operation Chaos

10 thoughts on “Operation Chaos

  1. I can see how people would lump Franken in with Coulter and Limbaugh but I don’t agree. He strikes me more as a Jon Stewart type who is funny and certainly has strong political views but still is fair-minded.

    It’s not just the political views of Coulter and Limbaugh I disagree with, its their attitude of destroying liberalism and demonizing liberals. They don’t want to find the truth, they want their side to “win”.

    The only “win” in this game is when we all win. We need leaders who work towards that goal and not partisan goals.


  2. brad says:

    Pound for Pound
    Rush is yours,…his audience and air time far exceeds Will and Noonan.
    Granted I find Will and Noonan considerably more palatable..

    Sharpton is a waste of space and a complete gas bag.


  3. Franken is not anything at all like Limbaugh.

    hmmm, you must have never listened to Air America. That’s ok though, almost nobody did. I don’t know how you could listen to both judge one to be “better” than the other in any objective way. I would say that Franken was just downright mean where Rush was more comical.

    I do see how I could think Rush is funny and you would not and visa versa for Franken. This is a matter of perspective.


  4. PS – I think Al’s problems with taxes are minor. He didn’t underpay, he just paid to the wrong states. At least that’s how I understand it. Coleman deserves no respect and he is a poor representative for Minnesota. Franken would be much, much better.


  5. Yeah, I’m totally against Democrats doing the same thing. I have no tolerance for either because I’m not a hypocrite.

    Franken is not anything at all like Limbaugh.


  6. ps.

    Al Franken is a big fat idiot too and thank God the good people of Minnesota apparently agree and will most likely re-elect a real Senator to do a very important job, and not a self-centered, second-rate, washed up comedian and talk show host who doesn’t pay his taxes OR his workers comp premiums. Pretty ironic for a Democrat who wants to raise taxes and watch out for the little people.

    And don’t tell me his accountant made a mistake. Al is responsible and if he can’t run his own little entertainment enterprise, how is he going to run a congressional office and follow all those rules?


  7. micadelic says:

    Gee Brad, last time us conservatives got together to vote for our spokesperson Limbaugh and Coulter ALMOST lost to Will and Noonan but they edged them out once again.

    Sheesh, Brad, your view of the right as this amoebic blob that marches in lock step behind our spokesman Rush Limbaugh is comical but very informative of your less than nuanced view of the political landscape.

    I don’t see the the phony, embarrassing, criminal, Al Sharpton as the spokesman for blacks, or Randi Rhodes as the spokesman for libs, or Pat Robertson as the spokesman for Christians. If I did, I’d be as fearful of blacks, libs, and Christians as you apparently are of conservatives.

    One thing I do love about Rush is his ability to get the collective panties of folks like you in a bunch.

    Rush is an entertainer who is out for ratings, he is in no way a “spokesman” for conservatives.


  8. brad says:

    I am most surprised that republicans tolerate him at all. He is an embarassement, a phony, and a criminal. Yet he is a spokesman for the right? I think conservatives would have significantly more credibility if they held him to any kind of standard. That they allow the Limbaughs and the Coulters to represent their point of view is simply amazing.


  9. So I assume you are equally against Democrats who crossed over to vote in Republican primaries in order to influence those results. Please say you are as I would hate to think that you would be hypocritical on this point.

    Personally, I think the primary process is meant for each party to choose their own candidate and I am squarely against interference by the opposition, on either side.

    And yes, Rush is an ego-maniacal buffoon.


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