Pawlenty is a partisan hack

MinnPost discusses the sad state of politics in Minnesota:

What many people overlook — silly us — is that politics in Minnesota has degenerated into a cynical game. The object of the game is no longer to achieve the public good through rational compromise by mature adults. How quaint. No, the object of the game now is to wage tribal warfare and punish enemies.

Now forgive me, but I expect chief executives to rise above the partisan fray a bit. Pawlenty has acted like a spoiled child though his entire terms. We have this concept called a balance of power. This means that compromises are necessary and expected. Pawlenty has proven over and over that he has no class whatsoever. He is a petty,small-minded partisan who puts the Republican party and his vice-presidential ambitions over the will of the people of Minnesota. Every. Time.

I know politics is politics. I’m not crying because Pawlenty wields his power. I’m crying because he constantly wields his power like he is governor of only those Minnesotans who are Republicans. Damn it, Timmy, you are my governor, too, and you owe me a lot more than this partisan bullshit that you have become known for. Grown up.

Pawlenty is a partisan hack

2 thoughts on “Pawlenty is a partisan hack

  1. Um, ok, so we agree! Just for vastly different reasons.

    How you can say he “plays too nice” with “us guys” I just can’t fathom. You think he should be MORE of a partisan dick?

    I think you (And Pawlenty. And Bush.) should think a little harder on what the job of a chief executive is. I have decided that when I am President of the United States I’m going to resign from my political party. It is not the job of a chief executive to be a partisan. It’s totally wrong, IMO. Yes, the liberals do it too and I hate it just as much when they do. If anyone’s job is to be a uniter it is the chief executive’s.


  2. micadelic says:

    um, hate to tell you this but most of the republicans i know, especially the more conservative ones, don’t like him either.

    he supports ethanol (which is a really stupid way to create energy)

    he caved on climate change bs

    and he supported mccain

    news alert, this does not make him the most popular guy in the room at conservative gatherings.

    imho, he plays too nice with you guys, but that’s just me.


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