Dear Movable Type: You Suck

Sorry, I’m very pissed off right now because a long and thoughtful blog post was just deleted by Movable Type (MT) when I tried to save it. Literally, it was there when I hit save and gone from then on. It was very helpful that MT had an autosaved version that it deleted, apparently, as it saved the freshly erased content. There is nothing more annoying than having to rewrite something that you were perfectly happy with. Even the “back” button couldn’t save me (another pet peeve for another time).

But I’ve been unhappy with MT for other reasons. It is ridiculously slow on publishing. My blog is not that big and it took hours and hours of waiting as I tweaked the design and republished the site over and over. Literally it took 5-20 minutes to publish the blog per time.

The UI is also goofy. Everything is just slightly-non-intuitive. The design interface has index templates and template modules and widgets and archive templates and system templates. The rich text editor (which deleted my post for me) is sucky (so is Word Press’s).

I’m calming down now but I still have plans to transition this blog over to Word Press. A friend was kind enough to make a new (sweet!) design for me and he is getting it ready for WP, so sometime in the next few weeks I’ll be leaving Movable Type behind.

And micadelic, you’ll have to wait until I get the energy back to rewrite my “35W — engineered to be inevitable?” post.

Dear Movable Type: You Suck

One thought on “Dear Movable Type: You Suck

  1. imagine says:

    it does suck…I can not log in anymore, thus I am anonymous…
    I like the unique-ness as compared to my “cookie-cutter” blog site, but I’ll trade ease of use for hip-ness…

    how’s that for a statement of middle age?

    ps. Bush really, really sucks


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