Bill Maher's Dickheads of the Year

This is brilliant:

My picks for the biggest assholes of 2007 by Bill Maher

A few highlights:

#5 Sen. David Vitter

Caught dead to rights as a customer of the D.C. Madam, and explained it away by saying, “Several years ago I received forgiveness from God in confession.” Oh, well, all righty then, it’s all good, then you’re obviously not a disgusting, horrible hypocrite who runs on family values and then fucks whores at home and in Washington.

#10 Alberto Gonzales

At the Bush White House, a constitutional crisis is when somebody actually reads the Constitution. Gonzales…told Congress, I can’t recall who put together the list of which attorneys to fire. But I stand by the decision to fire everyone on the list. Which I never read. Also, nothing improper occurred. And I know, because I can’t recall.

#13 Rudy Giuliani

A phenomenon I still don’t understand. Rudy says if a Democrat is elected in 2008, we’ll be at risk of another 9/11, because . . . he was mayor of New York when they attacked the World Trade Center the first time? His slogan should be “Not on my watch . . . again…

Bill Maher's Dickheads of the Year

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