How old is Earth?

I don’t know how it happened but I edited this entry on WikiAnswers: How old is Earth?

I gave a reference to a nice scientific article on the subject and gave the date with error bars. I forget the exact answer right now but as we all know the Earth is around 4 billion years old. We know this from many branches of science including geology, astronomy, biology.

The Jesus Freaks keep editing the entry and putting the answer back to 6,000, the Biblical age of the earth, also known as complete and utter nonsense.

The earth is around 6 thousand years old.

To whom it may concern: The Bible is truth. So when you say to put the truth up there, I am. Give me ANY evidence that the earth is 4 million years old. I base my evidence on truth.

Tell me, please, how can someone write something like that with a straight face? It’s batshit crazy.

So help me. Edit this entry every few days and keep the science haters at bay.

How old is Earth?

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