Watch your mouth

The Star Tribune is reporting: Woman cited for yelling obscenities in her home; could be jailed, fined.

A Scranton woman who allegedly shouted profanities at her overflowing toilet within earshot of a neighbor was cited for disorderly conduct, authorities said…Her next-door neighbor, a city police officer who was off-duty at the time, asked her to keep it down, police said. When she continued, the officer called police.

What is it about some cops that makes them complete fucking assholes?

Watch your mouth

Me and Prince

So, as some of you know, I worked for Prince as a recording engineer with a little producing, writing and playing thrown in here and there. (As a side note, because I played bass on one Prince song I am sometimes described as having been Prince’s bass player. I played bass on one and only one song (Blue Light) so I was not Prince’s bass player.)

I told some stories about my Prince days in a couple of podcasts. I’ve also written a little about it on the Internet and have been quoted in the press on several occasions about Prince.

I want to say two things in regards to this.

One, I haven’t always painted an entirely flattering picture of Prince. I have my reasons, which I am probably too honest about, and I call ’em like I see ’em. But, two, I have always acknowledged how unbelievably talented I think he is musically. I enjoyed working for him, although it was demanding as hell, I think we did some good work together and I look back with a lot of pride on my days as “Prince’s engineer”.

I think 3121 is quite good, too. Just the kind of thing I’ve been longing to hear from Prince.

One of the best things I worked on during that period was a collaboration between myself, Ingrid Chavez and Prince on Ingrid’s album May 19th, 1992. It’s a great record and it’s too bad it didn’t reach more folks.

I discovered some old Prince bootlegs from the days when I worked with him. If Prince was cool he’d let me release them into the Internet wilds. But seeing I have in my life been the recipient of one scary lawyer letter from Prince, I probably won’t push my luck.

Me and Prince

Our Platform

1. As much as possible, live peacefully with other nations.
2. Keep church and state entirely separate.
3. Be good stewards to the environment, even if it hurts the economy.
4. Let people do what they will provided they are not hurting or infringing on the rights of others.
5. Let markets run free with a watchful eye towards fairness.
6. Enforce the same rules for everybody.
7. Be fiscally conservative. Spend less than we bring in.
8. Eliminate poverty.
9. Accept reality — do not govern by wishful thinking.
10. Provide security and strong defense to the people.

This seems obvious to me. It’s probably just a start on what we agree that government should do.

Just to illustrate a point, Bush does not, apparently, believe in #1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #8 or #9. The facts on the ground would not give you reason to believe that those are in his platform.

We can agree on stuff. We can govern based on that agreement. We aren’t doing that.

Our Platform

Bush noble?

micadelic said:

I have had many problems with Mr. Bush but one thing I have always believed about him, his motives are noble, at least to him. You may disagree but he’s not out to fuck anybodies children dood.

Bush noble? You really believe that? Even prior to being President he has proved himself to be an inept opportunist. As President his leadership has been abysmal. He has shut out voices of opposition and ignored the insights of 50% of this country not to mention scientists such as the Surgeon General.

He is out to fuck the children. In his mind he calls it fancy words like “capitalism” and “free markets” but he knows, and you know, that the private sector will not do the right thing when it comes to taking care of those in poverty. They do some things, and there are a lot of great NGOs doing good things. But in the land of equal opportunity, the government has a very important role in doing what the private sector cannot or will not do.

Are market forces going to insure children living in poverty? Or does government have to do that? Helping children living in poverty does not create poverty. It just gets medicine to kids would wouldn’t otherwise get it.

I think Bush has demonstrated repeatedly that he is a man without principle. Now is the saddest time of all — when he could be doing unifying things he instead is a far-Right lapdog to the end. I think Bush will prove to be an embarrassment in the history books.

Bush noble?

Atheism != Hopelessness

I read a quote by James Lipton, the guy that hosts “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. He was asked his own question: “If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?”

He said “You see Jim, you were wrong, I exist, but you may come in anyway”.

It would be foolish to not want to exist forever. Everyone wants that. Just like everyone wants to win the lottery. I hate to tell you this, but you are never going to win the lottery. Does that make your life hopeless? Or course not. While we all would love to have highly improbably really great things happen to us, most often they don’t. You are not going to win the lottery.

You are also not going to exist forever. In fact, nothing lasts forever. Eventually the sun and the earth will be gone. Nothing exists forever. This is the natural state of things.

But look on the bright side, you exist! What a lovely miracle. You get some 80 years to live your life and learn and laugh and love. Think of all the things that won’t ever exist. Lucky you.

We don’t know what happens when we die. We don’t know why this is all here. But as lovely as it is to make believe that we are the chosen beings of some universe-creating supergod, there is no reason whatsoever to think so. You are alive. That is very, very special. Be happy with that.

Atheism != Hopelessness