More ID drivel

Some ‘tard that goes by bornagain77 over at Uncommon Descent said:

ID ONLY makes an inference to an intelligent agency when overwhelming complexity is found that can not be accounted for by chance in any way, shape, or fashion. ID makes NO inference to the exact nature of the designer and is Thus compatible with any of the other “Creator” centered religions besides Christianity. It is even, for the time being, compatible with alien beings being the creators.

I don’t know how they write that shit with a straight face.

First of all, natural selection is the OPPOSITE of chance. Dawkins explains this very well. In a complex biosphere, not all organisms are created equal. Some survive better, reproduce better and compete better. The world is filled with their descendants.

Second, any theory of Intelligent Design (ID) leads ultimately to a more complex being than is being explained by ID. So the IDiots say “this is too complex, it must have been designed”, apparently not realizing they are invoking a more complex thing in the process. It is logically bankrupt.

Do you think it is chance that this above mentioned ‘tard goes by bornagain77? Of course not — the ID movement is people with a conclusion (God is the benign creator of the universe) looking for science to back it up. That is the antithesis of science and it is why the belief in ID is a sure sign that you are an academic hack.

More ID drivel

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