Chasing the ghost of Osama bin laden


In October of 2005, 2 years ago now, I did a podcast called Bush’s Iraq Exit Strategy (MP3, 19:42, 9.1MB) where I predicted exactly what is happening here. Bush’s Iraq exit strategy is to leave office. It’s always been his strategy, ever since the neo-Con boys got surprised by the fact that Dick Cheney doesn’t always lie and post-invasion Iraq is a hell of a lot harder than they thought it would be.

I understand their thinking. Keep things secure until the government can defend itself. They don’t know any other way to think. They can’t conceive of any other option than just staying the course. So, yet again, we are told to be patient.

In my opinion, we haven’t even proven that we are not making things worse, not to mention actually making things better. Many Iraqis believe that we will never leave; that we are permanent occupiers. Bush’s speech the other day would not give them any reason to think otherwise.

As I’ve said ten million times, Iraq is a mess and none of our options are good ones anymore. The notion that this option, this option that we’ve been trying for 4 years, with trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of dead bodies – the notion that this is the best option we have is completely daft.

Osama bin laden keeps beating these guys. He beats them at every step. He plays them like a fiddle. We are still chasing the ghost of Osama bin laden. Bush isn’t evil. He’s incompetent. Utterly incompetent.

That’s why he should be impeached, by the way, not because he “lied” but because he demonstrated extreme incompetence.

Chasing the ghost of Osama bin laden

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