Republicans want to destroy homosexuality

2 Focus Inn lead me to this Right Wing blog. The author seems to me to be a libertarian style conservative and a Republican. So he’s wrong, in my opinion, about 95% of the time. I do agree with libertarians on some things. I also agree with conservatives on some things, although usually with a liberal twist that they find disagreeable.

Ironically, in the comments to a post called Get The Government Out Of The Bathroom we ended up in a discussion about same-sex marriage. It quickly deteriorated into a hog pile on yours truly by the righties. One individual, HG, brings it to clear focus for us:

Just the shame associated with homosexual behavior ought to speak volumes. It is completely unbecoming and unnatural for a male to act like a female in order to bed another male. It is completely unnatural to spend hours training one’s self to speak with a lisp. It is completely unnatural for a rectum to be used as a vagina. Homosexuality is disgusting and repugnant and made a mockery by most of society. We laugh and ridicule homosexuality for its completely unnatural characteristics. –HG

And later:

The next time any of you gentlemen have the misfortune of having a queer speak to you with a lisp… you know the combination of the three consonants “sth”, (my last experience was the McDonald’s drive thru), just let your countenance reflect your attitude. You know the attitude… “How dare you speak queer to me!” So that when he says to you “What kinda sthausthe would you like wisth sthat?” Just look at him with that attitude, make eye contact and say “WHAT?!?!” (you know, like “What the hell did you say to me?”) And watch how quickly that phony lisp vanishes. It is hilarious. –HG

This is the unashamed agenda of the Right — to vilify and demean gay people because they think it is immoral. Says one commenter:

He did say through His Apostle Paul in Roman’s, Chapter One and in several other places throughout Holy Writ that He condemns homosexual behavior, and He alone will judge those that engage in such behavior on Judgment Day. So, if you do not like people of faith speaking against homosexual conduct, your argument is with Christ and you must condemn Him for saying something objectionable, most Christians are only repeating what Christ has said in His Word. That is not to say that homosexuals cannot repent, turn to Christ and be saved and healed; only that if they do not they will suffer at the Hand of the Father because they have chosen to reject His merciful offer of Salvation in and through His Son. — Neiman

So God said so. Plus, they are the majority! They have no need of people like me:

Your secular humanist opinion of our more moderate values is of no concern, nor should it be. –Bat One

They have the votes so we “secular humanists” can just go to hell, literally, preferably.

My question is: how long are backwards-ass theocratic bigots like this going to be in the majority and what are you doing to speed up their decline?

Republicans want to destroy homosexuality

2 thoughts on “Republicans want to destroy homosexuality

  1. Yeah, the few people who are not sanctimonious assholes get lost in the noise of the right wing zealots, eager to throw a few more punches at dissenting visitors.

    When people visit this blog, I may argue with them but I outright discourage the mob attack mentality that seems to characterize that blog. You’re right, it’s not discussion, just preaching to the retard choir.


  2. bsherwood says:

    I find that blog very frustrating, however I find myself going back and looking quite often. Being a long time blog reading and commenting person I am amazed at how little ‘discussion’ actually happens.

    I have had several ‘normal’ email exchanges with the founder/author of the blog, but when those exchanges are on the actual blog it is a different story. I characterize it as verbal gang rape….

    They pride themselves on ‘piling on’ and shredding dissenting opions or comments. It is clear that they are not blogging for discourse but merely to propagate a blind right wing agenda…it is interesting as many of the bloggers seem to be well read and educated…one would expect a less dogmatic dialogue…

    Maybe it is a biased generalization, but I find more willingness to discuss on Left/Dem blogs……I guess I drop by “say anything” to see what the ‘extremists’ are up to.


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