I’ve never visited Uncommon Descent. It is so funny to see these guys twist their faith into a scientific theory, fooling themselves and a few other people along the way. Here are their words:

Materialistic ideology has subverted the study of biological and cosmological origins so that the actual content of these sciences has become corrupted. The problem, therefore, is not merely that science is being used illegitimately to promote a materialistic worldview, but that this worldview is actively undermining scientific inquiry, leading to incorrect and unsupported conclusions about biological and cosmological origins. At the same time, intelligent design (ID) offers a promising scientific alternative to materialistic theories of biological and cosmological evolution — an alternative that is finding increasing theoretical and empirical support.

So science, an effort practiced by thousands of people around the world, from hundreds of countries, ethnicities and faiths are illegitimately using science to promote a materialistic viewpoint.

Have you ever heard anything that fucking dumb? According to these crackpots, 99.99% of biologists and cosmologists are subverting and corrupting the science of the loony 0.01% who can’t understand why we don’t think Scripture is an appropriate reference book for a scientific theory of the creation of the mother fucking universe.

These people constantly misconstrue the arguments of the rational scientific community in order to make proponents of intelligent design (ID) seem like persecuted, besieged warriors of truth.

Face it, Dembski, you fucking retard deluded bastard — your science does not cut the mustard. Your scientific and indeed mathematical arguments are constantly trounced by more capable scientists and mathematicians. The scientific record does not support and indeed cannot support your fucked up bizarre-o mashup of religion and science. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s not an ideology. It’s a method, practiced by shit tons of people and its why we have the Internet, mobile phones, HD TV and MRI machines. These are the tangible result of science, real science, in practice. ID is a fantasy you have to justify your faith. As I’ve said before, I give your God a hell of a lot more credit than you.


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