Cool, I’m finally in the top half million blogs! Look out Boing Boing, I’m taking you out.

Seriously, how someone who is obviously smarter than PZ and prettier than Phil can not be a complete Internet superstar, I’ll never know.

Rise up, people, rise up and link to me! They may take us off their blogroll but they’ll never take…OUR FREEDOM!


2 thoughts on “Arise!

  1. I’m #227,027, with Authority 28, which is lower than I’ve been in a long time.
    Best I’ve been is somewhere in the region of 136k, with 35 Authority, I think. I’m on very, very few blogrolls. ;.;


  2. bsherwood says:

    do you mean to say that “blogging” is competitive?

    If I start a blog I can achieve greatness?
    I can rise high and reach for the the stars??

    ….will I need to learn how to link videos and images to my blog?


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