Macs run Ubuntu

Was just fooling around with a trial version of Parallels so I installed Ubuntu (a distro of Linux) on my Mac. I think Linux is great and Ubuntu in particular is great. But the Mac-bashers have to learn to live with the fact that these Intel MacBooks can run freaking everything. I can run Adobe and Micro$oft, native in OS X, run some astronomy software in Windows and have 9 desktops of developer tools in Unbuntu, all at the same time, without reboots or any monkey business.

You can also run Ubuntu on directly on a mac, without virtualization, if you want to dual boot.

I know virtualization is not unique to Macs, but I think it is pretty cool that I can run every other operating system on my mac. No other operating system can do that.

Parallels is pretty cool.

Macs run Ubuntu

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