C U Next Tuesday!

Ann Coulter is a very articulate spokeswoman for the conservative view

Why, I agree entirely! The fag-hating, women-hating, xenophobic, Daddy’s money, war-monger, theocrat, red-neck, gun-carrying racists known as the GOP are perfectly represented by Ms. Coulter.

Seriously, if you think Ann Coulter accurately represents your views, you are a hopeless, ignorant fucktard.

C U Next Tuesday!

9 thoughts on “C U Next Tuesday!

  1. bsherwood says:

    It is not arrogance when you are correct. This particular issue (the comparison of Coulter and O’Donnell) you just are not correct. I think it is just difficult to find a comparison to Coulter…

    I am wrong a lot, a whole lot. If you look back at posts, I state that, re-tract, learn and move forward.

    Probably a better arguement would have been “Why is she considered (by some) to be the voice of the right?”


  2. micadelic says:

    O’Donnel is about hate and hitting the media whenever she wants to boost her ratings……

    and declaring me wrong is a really brilliant debating tactic. so, i guess you win, i’m wrong, your right. smae with michael who ince said that the difference between him and someone else, might have been coulter even, was that he was right.

    the debate is over, you guys are right!

    the arrogance really is stunning.


  3. bsherwood says:

    Ann Coulter is a political pundit….who rights political books and has been called the “voice of modern conservatism” or some such nonsense…

    How does that compare, at all, with Rosie O????

    A closer comparison would be to Al Franken……

    Coulter is about hate and hitting the media whenever she has a book published……

    sorry, you are really, really, wrong on this one…(and a bunch of others, but I digress)


  4. micadelic says:

    dood, you did say that and you just said it again.
    rosie o’donnel is equally as vile and offensive as ann coulter. it’s just that i see it both ways, you can only see it from one direction.
    can’t you understand that you only think coulter is worse because she is farther from your views, you think o’donnel is not as bad because she is closer to your views. one mans villain is another’s hero, you need to understand that in order to see the larger picture.


  5. bsherwood says:

    I didn’t say that…I said your comparison doesn’t work….
    I don’t care for Rosie one bit…but she is not the evil gash Coulter is….


  6. micadelic says:

    of course, nobody on the left is as fucked up as those on the right
    no left-wing politicians are as corrupt as right-wing politicians
    i see how it is


  7. bsherwood says:

    Rosie O’ Donnell an ignorant fucktard, but not a real comparison to Coulter. Coulter touts herself to be the voice of conservatism..O’Donnell is just a failed lesbian talkshow host that has a hard-on for Donald Trump.


  8. micadelic says:

    Seriously, if you think Rosie O’Donnell accurately represents your views, you are a hopeless, ignorant fucktard.

    Plenty of fucktards to go around on both sides.


  9. bsherwood says:

    I’d say her 15 minutes was up a long time ago….the only way she gets attention is by being more and more extreme…

    She is the best thing that has ever happened for the Democratic party. Imagine what you would get if she and Sean Hannity had children….yeeesh…


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