Majority of Republicans Are Idiots

That left wing radical group, The Gallup Poll, have released results with the headline “Majority of Republicans Doubt Theory of Evolution“.

The majority of Republicans in the United States do not believe the theory of evolution is true and do not believe that humans evolved over millions of years from less advanced forms of life.

That’s right, folks, a majority of 1 of the 2 political parties in the USA put their fucked-up political/religious ideology in front of generally accepted scientific fact. They don’t argue with electromagnetism or gravity or thermodynamics. Science has apparently avoided blasphemy in these areas. But with evolution, and apparently evolution alone, science is wrong. Hundreds of years of peer-reviewed, scrupulous, detailed, exacting work by thousands of people is wrong because, you know, the Bible tells me so.

Majority of Republicans Are Idiots

5 thoughts on “Majority of Republicans Are Idiots

  1. Ann Coulter isn’t right about anything.

    If I’m not mistaken, you basically agreed with me on the specific point in question. You didn’t like the broad, mean brush I used to characterize the situation.

    I’m trying to express the frustration we feel when we are confronted by two groups of people: 1) the people who are wrong on this issue for the wrong reasons and 2) the people who coddle the people in #1 with all this “we respect your views” crap.

    When it comes to matters of faith, I respect everyone’s views. When people inject their faith into non-faith related debates (i.e. science or politics) that respect for a personal, private faith is not applicable. No one person’s faith is more valid than another’s when it comes to science or politics. I am personally and deeply offended that people think I need to respect their interjection of something completely subjective and inappropriate into the debate.

    Futhermore, I think it is not helpful that other rational people defend these people with the notion that I am “being mean” to them. I’m very sorry, but if you don’t “believe” in evolution because of Biblical justifications, you are an idiot, meaning “an utterly foolish or senseless person”. You are an idiot because you are introducing subjective, unprovable notions into a debate about science.

    You’ll recall I also said:

    So, to conclude, the Defender of the Left wants to smack you around a bit until you see how wrong you are thinking. People do learn things and people do change their minds. I learn things and I change my mind. I reject failed hypotheses. We can’t be afraid to get our cages rattled. You have to know why you think what you think. You have to show me where my thinking is wrong.

    Yes, I’m mean but I’m also right! 😉


  2. micadelic says:

    Sorry, thought you were the guy who wrote the following:

    Why do I argue? Why do I try to convince?

    Two reasons.
    Reason One: I want to push the average American’s philosophy to the Left. I want to do this because I think some very liberal people vote Right because they don’t like liberals or what liberals stand for, divorced from the fact that the majority of their positions are more Left than Right. The Right has so successfully demonized the word “liberal” that cowards like John Kerry are too afraid to admit to it.

    Reason Two: I think the philosophy of the Left is one of more potential for maintaining and improving our overall quality of life. I believe in the principles of the Left, I’m convinced by the huge benefit Liberalism has provided us in history and I’m emboldened by the huge potential for Liberalism to improve our future.

    I guess I was taking you at your word. I actually agree with you more than I disagree. I only post when you write something I strongly disagree with (and when I have time, which I haven’t lately).

    I just want to point out that the tone on liberal blogs is way more confrontational, profane, and flat-out mean then what I see on conservative blogs. If you really want to “push the average American’s philosophy to the Left” posts framed in the way you framed the original post in this thread are not going to do it, it’s going to push people away.

    I’ve found that it’s way, way easier to just “rattle cages” than it is to try and foster good, honest, thoughtful debate.

    So, really what is your goal? To “convince” or to “rattle cages.” Anne Coulter rattles cages, she doesn’t convince anybody.


  3. Michael says:

    Then we agree! Great! Next topic…

    Seriously, I’m not playing the peacemaker on this blog. I’m rattling cages. If you are a Republican (and I mean the general “you”, not you specifically) and you believe in evolution, then you should be outraged that your political party has been hijacked by people with absurb theocratic agendas.


  4. micadelic says:

    Oops, misspoke in the above post…

    I wrote:
    “but I really doubt that in their hearts, the vast majority of Republicans actually do believe that evolution is scientific fact”

    Of course I meant to say that most Republicans, in their heart of hearts, do believe that evolution is scientific fact.


  5. micadelic says:

    Wow, this helpful I especially like the like the title; “Majority of Republicans Are Idiots.”

    Making friends and influencing people!

    Now, Michael, I know you live in quite the liberal bubble and your assertions are rarely challenged, but does the above statement/survey ring true to you? Personally, I know lots and lots and lots of Republicans and guess what, the vast majority, and it’s not even close, believe in evolution. In fact, I’m hard pressed to think of even one person that I know who believes otherwise. But maybe I just know the smart ones and not all the knuckle-draggers that are the apparent majority. Now, when questions are framed in such a way as to maybe challenge ones religious beliefs, I can see how someone might feel that they “should” answer a question in a certain way, but I really doubt that in their hearts, the vast majority of Republicans actually do believe that evolution is scientific fact.

    So, I can believe the Gallup pole or I can believe my own lying eyes.

    I know the left is the realm of reason, and tolerance, and love your fellow man and all but this post is particularly offensive, and I’m not even a Republican.

    Something like “Poll asserts that most Republicans don’t believe in evolution” might have sparked a debate, but the way this is framed is not useful.


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