Congress to Bush: Yeah, we know.

What Congress is (hopefully) saying to Bush:

Yes, Mr. President, we know you disagree with us. We don’t give a shit. Your leadership has been abysmal, your judgment has been poor, your Vice President has been completely fucking wrong on everything he has said for years now. Your credibility is shit. We no longer think you are the man to handle the job. So, you can either cooperate with our agenda, which the American people completely support, or we can up the ante a bit and impeach your incompetent ass. Choose.

Congress to Bush: Yeah, we know.

2 thoughts on “Congress to Bush: Yeah, we know.

  1. bsherwood says:

    I have to vote that we throw his sorry ass out. Sit down with Syria and politically sort this mess out.

    We were able to take a horrible situation and make it un-be-fuckingly worse….congrats…

    now we need to sit with a terrorist state and solve the frickin problem we created…

    swallow your idiot pride America and do what is right.


  2. bsherwood says:

    It really is a sad state we are in right now. An administration completely out of touch with reality.
    I can not remember a time in my life where I have been more ashamed of the actions of my country.

    I am about to travel to Norway with a large number of students and we have been informed that “sentiments towards Americans is not very high”.

    In frickin Norway!! 80% of the students that will be traveling are 3rd generation Norwegian immigrants for crying out loud….. In a very short period of time Americans have become “frowned upon” across the globe. Due to the actions of this administration.

    Our leaders lied to us.
    Our leaders hide information
    Our leaders feed us propaganda.
    Our leaders appoint morons to important positions.
    Our leaders have a biased “religious right” agenda, but without religious right morality.
    (that is probably a confusing statement)
    Our leaders refuse to recognize reality
    Our country is more concerned with the way Mr. Baldwin speaks to his daugher
    Our country is more concerned with American idol than the American Soldier.

    We have once again allowed politics to dictate the actions of the military.

    We have lost rights.

    They legislate via fear and intimidation.

    neither party has the balls to stand up and scream of the injustice.

    The people should take control.
    (holy shit, I sound like a revolutionary!!!, I’ll probably mysteriously die in my sleep tonite)


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