Fight Back

We gotta fight back against monsters like the loser who killed the people at Virginia Tech. We have to do this in a few ways:

1. Take them out physically. We don’t need guns to hog pile on these guys. Disarm the mother fucker. 10 guys could have rushed this dude and 8 of them would probably have lived. You can die cowering or you can die fighting. (NOTE: Lord knows, I may die cowering. We can’t predict how we would behave in these situations.)

2. Take out the celebrity. I don’t give a fuck who this asshole was. I don’t need to see him psychoanalyzed on TV all day. I can imagine crazies out there preparing the documents we’ll all pore over after the next crazy mass murder.

3. Have them kill themselves first. I know it is callous and bizarre to say it, but this guy should have committed suicide prior to killing those 32 people, not after. Yes, it would be better to reach him and save him well before that. But when we get to this stage, suicide is better than mass murder. In terms of public policy, I’d rather encourage a few more suicides than a few more mass murders.

#1 above is what I can’t get out of my mind, though. Just like airplane hijackers get mobbed by passengers now, when someone starts shooting like this we have to instantly mob them. The goal of everyone nearby should be to take him out as soon as possible by any means possible.

Fight Back

3 thoughts on “Fight Back

  1. bsherwood says:

    I agree, but I don’t see the media ever changing…I was actually surprised he didn’t just upload to “liveleak”….


  2. omegaequals0ne says:

    (2) take out the celebrity: i couldn’t agree with you more. as the

    details of this horrendous massacre trickle out, one thing seems clear; given

    the way he carefully prepared his ‘multimedia package’ of photos & a video, and

    sent it off to nbc mid-spree, this twisted fuck was clearly motivated in large

    part by the promise of notoriety.

    suggesting that the news media should be more responsible is futile &

    useless; even so, NBC should’ve given more consideration to the fact that the

    killings had just happened the day before and that hundreds of people were

    deeply shocked & traumatized, and that airing such video footage might actually

    motivate similarly unhinged assholes to commit such acts in the future. come

    on, you get to be on tv, everyone hears about how you’ve suffered & been pushed

    too far and that your blood is on everyone else’s hands.

    here’s a quote i pulled from the washington post this morning;

    Of course, no one forced NBC to broadcast those words and pictures. Capus

    said network journalists debated for hours what they should make public. “There

    are some things we haven’t shown and words we haven’t released that are more

    appropriate to hold back,” he said. “Journalists have a responsibility. We’re

    not just here to pass on in direct form raw video and complete documents.”

    no shit? man, how much more responsible, far-sighted & compassionate could

    these journalists have been? and bless their little hearts for “holding back”

    on the less appropriate stuff. sadly & very obviously, it really still just

    boils down to ratings;



    NEWS’… CBS COURIC AT 4.2/8…

    the promise of notoriety is a major motivator for killers like Cho Seung-Hui

    and his sad, sorry, twisted & cowardly ilk that commit these unthinkable acts

    of violence. to further illustrate my point, mr. Cho apparently gave props to

    his “columbine brothers”. there you go.
    i think we can expect more of these massacres in the future unless the news media somehow miraculously grows a collective conscience and realizes that they bear partial blame for such acts of horror, and wield a considerable amount of power to eventually prevent such things from being repeated. that is not to say that all such acts are perpetuated & fueled by the news media, but this one clearly was.


  3. bsherwood says:

    The thing that pisses me off is that this guy had been identified as a threat. There were people that said “this is a dangerous person, he could hurt himself and others”.

    Over the past 20 years I have seen several individuals where your common sense tells you “this kid is completely capable of doing some really nasty shit”. You pass it along to the right ears. Sometimes something happens, most of the time it doesn’t. You try to reach out to the loners, hook them up with other kids, get them involved,etc….

    “loner’ is a term that we hear a lot. I have to admit those are the ones that really make my sixth sense prickle.

    The sad truth is that there is no “safe”. No school no building, no home. If some crazy soul wants to do what this guy did at Virginia Tech, they will do it. The stopping part was missed over and over and over again in the individuals development.

    I would like to think that if someone “opened fire” in the commons area of my school, that I would do exactly as you say. However I might think of my own children and family and just take off out the back door. There is no protocol because as you say we do not know how we will react until we have to react.

    We have procedures and drills that we practice but they are little more than the “fire drills” we all experienced in public school.


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