How the fuck can you be pro-military and anti-tax?!?

51% of the federal budget, or around 0.5 TRILLION dollars per YEAR is spent on the US military. (Ref: Wikipedia)

Isn’t it funny that the same rich bastards who fight against every tax and constantly complain about how we are over-taxed are the same people who are pro-war and pro-military? They want to grow military spending every year and yet they constantly whing about how our government spends too much!

The only way you can reconcile that is by being totally divorced from reality.

Pro-military means pro-tax. Deal with it.

How the fuck can you be pro-military and anti-tax?!?

5 thoughts on “How the fuck can you be pro-military and anti-tax?!?

  1. bsherwood says:

    apparently facts are difficult to respond to??

    There have been several massive tax hikes on the middle and lower class. This one was substantial.
    Revolving credit rates sky-rocket, deductability of the interest paid is no longer. Who just got screwed? and who just got paid.


  2. bsherwood says:

    During the Reagan administration revolving credit interest became “non-deductable”. This was a huge, huge, huge increase in tax revenue and a huge increase in taxation of the populace.

    lets not be praising Reagan toooo much here. We all got significantly screwed by his admin.


  3. micadelic says:

    The best way to increase tax receipts is to have a booming economy. JFK reduced taxes, tax collections INCREASED, Reagan reduced taxes, tax receipts INCREASED, Bush reduced taxes, tax receipts INCREASED. The better businesses do, the more taxes the pay. You get tax collection increases by businesses be more successful and thus paying more in taxes, even thought their tax burden is decreased.

    This is economic fact and one that is totally lost on the left. The left just wants more, more, more. It’s a bottomless pit that they will never fill.

    So Michael, in order to fund the military, the government, and everything else, the government needs to take in more tax receipts. It’s been proven time and time again that the best way to do that is to LOWER taxes.

    Deal with it.


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