Diebold: A new definition of "fucktard"

Diebold is suing the state of Massachusetts because it didn’t win a contract for voting machines.

“We want a judge to either order the contract awarded to Diebold, based on his review of the proposals, but if he does not want to go that far, to at least order a reopening of the competition”

As if we needed another reason to think these guys were evil, incompetent twits. Hello, free market?

This case should not only be thrown out of court, but Diebold should be liable for all costs by the taxpayers to defend themselves against this frivolous suit.

Further, we should pass a federal law that says all voting machines must be open source, period.

Diebold: A new definition of "fucktard"

One thought on “Diebold: A new definition of "fucktard"

  1. Russ says:

    I believe the U.S.A. has 7% of the world’s population and 70% of all[types]lawyers! Too bad “Soiliant Green” production isn’t specific for supply from the diminishers of common sense! I have been involved in constuction related sales and services for almost 30 years…sometimes you win, sometimes you lose; sometimes you’re just told NO!! If you’re going to be a participant in competition don’t cry or go on the oprah show or get a junior partnership with johnnie edwards!


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