Creation Science

I had a fairly long email exchange with someone who was adamantly a “creation science” person. He believes the Earth and the universe are only thousands of years old. He believes in Intelligent Design (ID), of course and thinks evolution is nonsense.

A few things struck me about our debate. First of all, the guy isn’t dumb and he is not just spouting dogma. He has thought about it, read about it and feels he is extremely informed on all sides of these issues. He thinks science is intentionally blind to the influence of design. Here is a quote:

Actually I was once in that place and was emotionally revolted by the idea, but after about a year of letting it settle I started looking and was astounded at the way I had been brainwashed. It took several years more before I could actually see the case for a young earth, but it is indeed there. Because mainstream science is so inbred, incestuous in fact, it SEEMS to all fit together. What has happened it that anomalous evidence is ignored.

So here is a religious conservative with radical scientific views, rejecting entire disciplines of science as quakery. And here I am, a social and political liberal who always sides with the establishment when it comes to science.

I, of course, think this dude is batshit crazy. These folks start with a conclusion, that God is involved in our every day lives, and project it on everything. Anything that contradicts the Bible is wrong. Scientists are atheists who “MUST believe in evolution because they would otherwise lose intellectual respectability. Therefore they are not open to the evidence for creation.”

It’s amazing to me that someone can look around this amazing world that science has created for us and still call scientists frauds who purposefully ignore evidence to support their idealogical beliefs.

But only, of course, in those areas addressed by scripture. For some odd reason they don’t quibble with electromagnetism or chemistry. No, it’s just geology, astronomy, cosmology, paleontology and biology they have a problem with, thanks to the insane young Earth theory and ID.

But, their minds are made up and no amount of direct evidence or scientific consensus will ever convince them. The Book was written and that is the end of the story.


Creation Science

5 thoughts on “Creation Science

  1. bsherwood says:

    t’s amazing to me that someone can look around this amazing world that science has created for us and still call scientists frauds who purposefully ignore evidence to support their idealogical beliefs.

    gotta throw the flag on this one…Science did not “create” anything….Science analyzed, labled and is trying hard to explain…and i buy the whole “big bang” idea…seems very plausable…..I have no problem with it…but what “was” before ” the bang……and before that, and before that….

    is it nothing?…….there was nothing and then things went boom? and now here we are?…I certainly hope not….I have faith not…

    to me that is not an answer that really matters…it is interesting, i would like to know the answer but it doesn’t have anything to do pro or con with my faith…


  2. bsherwood says:

    I don’t dissagree, except the school least the schools that I know of do not teach creation.

    Faith is an absolute virtue. You have faith in what you believe. I have faith in what I believe. David Koresh (sp?) had faith in what he believed……Faith is a virtue…what you have faith in may not be virtuous (sp? again…)

    I think that part of the problem that they have with science is how we can make data dance which ever way we want to make it dance….and they (trust me I have cousins that are exactly what you posted) believe Satain/evil is twisting statistics to serve his needs…
    Where are you on the whole “good vs. evil” thing?
    ethical/ unethical….moral/ immoral?

    as far as keeping hands off science, I agree 100%….stem cell research? do it, get at it, let science do what science does…


  3. Umm…no.

    I’m not talking about faith I’m talking about science. Science is not something where people get to choose their own facts. I don’t care what people believe as far as “faith” goes. I really don’t. I do care what nonsense they try to get into our curricula. The creation science crap is barely kept out of our public schools. It is not science. It is the Bible as final authority.

    I’ll reluctantly agree with you that faith is considered a virtue by some. I will not in any way, ever, deny people their right to their faith. They should keep their hands off our our science, though. This is not an issue that only atheists care about. Or at least it shouldn’t be.


  4. bsherwood says:

    you sound a bit surprised by that point of view? it is very common. Extreme yes, but I know a lot of people/families who are in that exact same mindset/belief. Becareful to shortchange their intelligence. I don’t think that has any relevance…I say I don’t “think” it has relevance….I can not get my brain to grasp where they are, but then I can’t get my brain to grasp where you are either….
    the only thing I “do” know is that both of you are minorities globally.

    it is an interesting concept. the earth only being a few thousand years old. they completely do not believe in science, carbon dating etc….satans lies….

    dig deeper. learn about mormons, jehovas witness, Mosin, etc…

    belief systems are very interesting and we all have them. From past discussions I know that they “know” you are wrong.

    but they are such a small group….Hindu’s, Budhists and Muslims are far more prevalent on the global scale.

    to be honest the only people that really care about what you are talking about are Atheists and the far right Christians…I think you might be the “tails” to their “heads” or vice versa if that is discriminatory.


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