Balmer on the iPhone

Steve Balmer of Micro$oft, over at TechEBlog, exposing himself as a dinosaur in charge of a waning empire, discusses the iPhone.

First of all, as we all know, Microsoft has not come up with a new idea EVER. Microsoft Word is a ripoff of MacWrite, Windows is a ripoff, the Zune is a ripoff. Those guys invent nothing.

Second, he mentions, as have others, the price of the iPhone. They seem to be forgetting that it has a built-in video iPod. So rather than spend $250 on a video iPod and $200 on a phone, you spend it all on the iPhone. The math works out. Plus the rather obvious fact that people will pay more for superior technology. All that and, as we know, v2 of the iPhone will probably be half the price, include GPS and have twice the space.

Just once I’d like to see someone like Balmer say something like “The iPhone is really cool and I congratulate Apple on a great new product.”

It just cracks me up that the nay-sayers can’t admit how cool the iPhone is because they enjoy so much feeling superior to us Apple zealots. They can’t recognize the obvious innovation in the iPhone because they so want to believe that Apple just isn’t that great. No, folks, Apple is insanely great, especially compared to old-school losers like Balmer.

Balmer on the iPhone

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