The Phone's Not a Phone Anymore

I just saw the iPhone in detail. Holy shit, that is cool. Apple just innovated again. Most companies have never demonstrated they know what that means. Apple does it all the time. Bye bye old fashioned phones. Phones are computers now, it’s just a matter of which network you’re getting on.

The Phone's Not a Phone Anymore

One thought on “The Phone's Not a Phone Anymore

  1. cateto says:

    Holy shit, that’s a good definition.

    I think this time, Apple convinced even the most anti-apple crowds. Regardless of the reality distortion field created (once more) by Steve Jobs (and man, does this guy create a huge distortion field), this product is an obvious winner, and if I was working in the top levels of Nokia or Motorola or Blackberry, I would quickly start looking for a new job.

    Strangely, I was sold with advance this time, and even posted a whole thread in a web forum where I participate usually 😉

    And the whole iPhone presentation was truly worth to watch. BTW, in case someone is interested, the full Jobs presentation is available for free at local iTunes Music Stores as a podcast, so you can download it to your hard disk. I think this is a clear evidence on the importance that Apple and Steve Jobs give to this product.


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