It's called ART

This always pisses me off. It pisses me off no matter who is offended. In this case it is the Catholics who are offended over the play “The Pope and the Witch”.

You don’t have to like or approve of all art. Nor do you have to attribute evil motives to those that perform art. Art is art. It is meant to provoke emotions, not all of them positive. Art portrays sometimes unpopular or offensive things. It gets people thinking and talking.

It is fact that the history of the Catholic church is sordid. There were very corrupt and evil times in its long history. It seems to me a fairly compelling topic, artistically speaking, to play with the darker moments of the Catholic church. Obviously, the Catholic church has done a lot of good in the world, too.

It’s art. There is good art and bad art, there is offensive art and non-offensive art. These conversations are good and I do agree that the Catholic church protesteth too much over this play.

It's called ART

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