Right Wing Corporate America

Chucko pointed out this article on big fucking companies who won’t allow their advertising on Air America.

A few comments. First of all, apparently liberal dollars aren’t good enough for these people? There are huge companies on this list, like McDonalds and FedEx. It is really hard for me to believe that these companies would be so partisan and risk alienating 49% of their customers.

Second, the righties always bitch that academia is on the Left. I’ve agreed with them — academics lean decidedly left, no question about it. Liberal ideas, in the non-political sense of the word, are virtually the definition of academics — learning, being open-minded, trying new things, challenging old ideas. No one should be surprised that academics tend to be liberals.

Neither should we be surprised that corporate big wigs are Right Wingers. They are dollar chasers and they are generally from well-to-do backgrounds and yet believe they have succeeded based solely on their own merits. Thus, they believe that social programs reward failure and all that nonsense.

I am a business owner and a capitalist. I believe in the free market but I believe there is a role for government, lest we descend into plutocracy. Big corporations are literally soulless and they should not be allowed to pillage our country without limit. We need consumer advocates, watchdogs, regulation and other tools of government to ensure that corporations don’t bring us down.

So I am personally shocked and appalled that these lame companies would decide that liberal radio is something they can’t advertise on. I do think it is their decision to make, but I think it is a horrible decision. These guys are being boycotted as we speak and they are going to get a lot of bad press. REI, thank god, is disputing that they requested this.

Some people will say, “Oh, I can see why FedEx would not want to be associated with bashing the President.” That’s a lame excuse. The Right Wingers bashed Bill Clinton constantly, from day one of his administration. President bashing is not something that occurs only on the Left.

I seriously hope some advertising agencies get shit canned for this. If I were the president of Fed Ex I would fire everyone in the chain that put my company’s name on this list.

Right Wing Corporate America

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