Buses, Taxis and Pharmacists

I’m getting pretty sick of this. These religious DOLTS who can’t do their fucking jobs because of their religious beliefs.

Let’s see, we have the Christian Pharmacists who won’t dispense prescriptions. Muslim taxi drivers who won’t drive people carrying liquor. Christian bus drivers who won’t drive a bus with an ad for a gay magazine.

This is insane and we shouldn’t tolerate it. All of these people knew what their job was before they accepted it. The notion that doing any of these activities jeopardizes their religious faith is completely wrong. Look you Christians and you Muslims and all of you other devote religious sorts: you live in a world full of people all who have their own beliefs. We cannot expect all people to accept our version of the truth. This should be self-evident. We have normal ol’ civil laws, which represent our shared duty towards each other. Your religious laws or beliefs are yours, and I respect that, but you cannot have any expectation whatsoever that others will share them. They are yours. They are personal and if you are so fervent that you cannot tolerate people with other beliefs, you should go get a job at a Church or a Mosque or in some place where you can be assured that you won’t have to interact with us sinners and infidels out here. I don’t discriminate against you freaks in my job and expect you not to discriminate against me in your job.

This should emphasize to all the necessity to separate church and state. Either do your job, ALL OF IT, or get another job. Period.

Buses, Taxis and Pharmacists

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