The Middle Path Is Not In The Middle

Sites like I just mentioned, Moonbattery, and the one I had vomited over a while ago, My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy piss me off because they are so unthinkingly party line. I am an immature vulgarian sometimes and a Lefty to be sure, but I still believe that I assess issues on their merits and am willing to be proven wrong. I agree with the Right to some extent on many issues.

I agree (for the most part) in free markets, I agree (for the most part) on gun ownership. I feel strongly that the only sustainable economic policy is one of fiscal conservatism. I agree families are important and that we have to always be prepared to defend ourselves militarily. I think the less we can pay in taxes the better (for the most part).

You see? You Right Wing bastards? I am trying to show you that there is room for us to agree on a lot of stuff. When I see people, like the afore mentioned, that somehow try to construe Jimmy Carter as evil. Jimmy Carter? The guy’s a fucking pussy who believes in peace. He is working towards peace in the world. How do you take issue with that? Can’t you agree that the guy is at least trying to do something rather than sit on his spoon-fed ass like George H. Bush is doing. To imply that the BBC is a left-wing mouthpiece is insane. It seems left when you are a radial Republican maybe. I read the Economist, which many describe as a conservative publication, and I agree with them all the time (although certainly not on everything). Right-wing English dudes are now considered liberals by the radical Right.

The Right has drifted so far Right that they can’t see straight anymore. They actually take an anti-environment stance. Hello? They take an anti-families stance if the families are not one man one woman. They take an anti-birth control stance when they are abhorred by unwanted pregnancies. They are the party of Jesus and they are pro-war, pro-capital punishment and work against any attempts to pay people more who make the lowest legal wage.

There is a middle path, folks, and it’s not in the middle. It’s a little of each.

The Middle Path Is Not In The Middle

3 thoughts on “The Middle Path Is Not In The Middle

  1. Good point, Ali. We need instant run-off elections! Unfortunately, political strategy does come into play. The Right virtually never votes for 3rd parties and the Left is generally pretty open to it. It can doom us to a lifetime of Right Wingers. I can’t see any reason why anyone would oppose instant run-off elections.

    Minneapolis may try it.


  2. Here’s another fantastic nugget to knaw on; The rage we should feel when told by either major party that when one votes independent that one is thowing their vote away.

    Makes me wanna write my cats in or vote for any independent candidate despite any delusional agenda they may have. Politicians underestimate how spite can play a heavy hand in an election. Minnesota (my home) is a great example of that.



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