Mac Zealots

Some fucktard said:

My biggest turn off, and issue with Apple, and the community…is in fact the community itself. I have never been a part of such an ostentatious and pretentious community in my life…one that harbors such an arrogance and contempt that it honestly makes it uncomfortable. One need only grace a few blogs such as “Macalope” to see the extent of the asininity that consumes most of the “news sources” that Mac zealots use as primary sources.

This is idiotic. Let’s try an analogy. You have two groups of friends that hang out at two different bar/restaurants. One group is sort of ho-hum on their hangout and the other is ecstatic about theirs. They love the food, they love the people, they have so much fun, they want other people to try it, too.

This might be an incomplete analogy, but the fact of the matter is, Mac zealots are Mac zealots because they love Macs. They love Macs not for some inane reason as implied above — they love them because they are fun to use, powerful, easy, etc.

Now I use Windows and Linux as well and there are very good things about both. My love for Macs is not at the expense of the other good things in the world.

But when you find something people LOVE, something they have incredible zeal about, something that they are compelled to share, LISTEN TO THEM. Don’t look down your snooty nose and assume they are retards. Yes, Windows is fine, but Macs are AWESOME. I do not find people who love Windows like Mac people love Macs. That should be telling you something.

Mac Zealots

One thought on “Mac Zealots

  1. micadelic says:

    I have never been a part of such an ostentatious and pretentious community in my life
    Well then, at least he’s not another freakin’ liberal.


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