Traveling and being Online

Still in Barcelona. Still having a great time. We are right in one of the nice areas (the Gothic district) so we are living like kings. It always strikes me as funny that depending on where you are and how you are treated, in a new city, it can have a drastic difference in your opinion. If someone asked me right now about Barcelona I would say it is fucking awesome. But we are a block or two from La Ramblas, which is, I’m told by locals, the most expensive area to eat in Barcelona. I.E. this is a trendy and tourist-y area.

I think the same of Minneapolis, I could give a visitor such different ideas of the city depending on where I took them. Take them to Uptown and Dinky Town and Northeast (among others) and you get one impression. Go to Lake Minnetonka, Edina or Bloomington, a completely different impression would be had.

I’m a bit of a woman watcher, as I have admitted, and this area of this town is just ridiculous. You can’t be a woman watcher in this town because the hot women go by so fast that you can’t keep up. They are not just young women, too, which is what I think is so surprising for a boy from the midwest. There are super hot women that are 50. There are tons of hot women that are 40. There are, also, of course, a lot of younger women as well.

I’m having a coffee at the Travel Bar, a place that has free wi-fi and caters to english speaking travelers. No one sitting here is speaking English, though. I’m outside but inside are a bunch of dorks with laptops. I’m the only dork outside with a laptop. I was going to put a little sign up that said “I’m blogging” just to see if it made anyone stop by.

I’ve never taken a laptop traveling before but I may from now on. I’m NOT working, except for an email here and there. But part of my life is online now. It is not a bad thing. Again, I’m NOT working. I’m blogging, googling and downloading pictures from my digital camera. I’m playing tunes from iTunes through our TV and emailing pictures to my kid. Sorry, I’m a geek, but this stuff is fucking life-changingly cool.

Some pictures on Flickr.


Traveling and being Online

One thought on “Traveling and being Online

  1. micadelic says:

    You rock dude. Love reading these. Say hey to Cindy and I’m glad you’re having such a great time. If I weren’t so damn good looking, I’d wish I was you.


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