Spammers Should Die

Spammer Goes To Jail

I could not be happier about this. I think spammers are ruining the Internet. You can’t be sure that people see your emails anymore due to the necessity of spam filters. I use more than one spam filter on some accounts. They spam comments on blogs, they spam referral logs, they spam EVERYTHING. These fucking low lives are willing to ruin everything, they burden systems and infrastructure with their bullshit, they lie, cheat and steal and they should spend decades in pound-me-in-the-ass prison. I hope this fucker gets beaten to death in his cell.

Harsh, I know, but what is an appropriate penalty for ruining the Internet? This fuck wit was willing to screw over millions of people for his personal gain. There is an ancient law that spammers are going to have to come to terms with: if you fuck with us we are going to fuck with you.

See you in 9 years Jeremy Jaynes. I suspect it will be the worst 9 years of your life. I sincerely hope it is.

Spammers Should Die

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