Creationist Non-Logic

The schizophrenic retard known as Phyllis Schlafly points out how incapable the creationists are of logic.

Here is what is funny. First she seems logical and says:

The issue in the Kansas controversy was not intelligent design and certainly not creationism. The current Kansas standards state: “To promote good science, good pedagogy and a curriculum that is secular, neutral and non-ideological, school districts are urged to follow the advice provided by the House and Senate Conferees in enacting the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.”

Sounds good, right? No one is trying to shove creationism down anyone’s throats, we just want secular, science-based teaching, right?

But scroll down and she reveals her true agenda:

Intelligent judges are beginning to reject the intolerant demands of the evolutionists.

Who..the…what…the? A minute ago we all agreed but now all of a sudden we advocates of secular, science-based science are intolerant, demanding evolutionists?

This woman, with no scientific training and a religious view that “[we] were created in the image of God” has just decided that the overwhelming consensus of virtually all biological scientists is intolerance in action!

W.T.F. These people just can’t seem to grasp that we do not have an agenda of evolution, we have a body of scientific evidence that supports evolution. We are not anti-religious or anti-creationism except in that there is no evidence for creationism. These morons want to “teach the controversy” where none exists!

Yes, let’s fill in the gaps of evolution and see where that leads us. Maybe it will lead us to creationism. But to claim that there is any scientific basis for creationism at this point is a complete, utter and premeditated lie.

This should not be a political issue. It’s morons like Phyllis Schlafly that make it one.

Creationist Non-Logic

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