Congrats! We successfully killed off another unnecessary species:

The West African black rhino appears to have become extinct, according to the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

Am I the only one that is bummed out about that?

How the fuck can short-term idiots like poachers, impotent governments and uncaring economies overwhelm all of us, millions of us, who are out here and do not want this to happen? Savings species like this is worth money to me. It’s important to me. (I do give/join environment-protection organizations.) It’s not enough.


One thought on “Bye

  1. chad says:

    Well, I think the millions of people who do care are greatly outnumbered by the hundreds of millions (probably in the US alone) who really don’t care. Most people are self-centered, and can’t see beyond the limited range of their own personal life with its ever-important intrigues. We have 21st century technology but a 19th century mentality. Sadly, I’m sure more people are worried about how Brad and Angelia are getting along than how the enviornment is doing.


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