Republicans: Pro-Fraud

That insane liberal, Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, introduced a bill intended to prevent waste and fraud by contractors to the US Military. Said Dorgan:

“I think when you are at war, when a massive quantity of money is being pushed out the door, that we ought to decide to get tough on those who would be engaged in war profiteering,” said Dorgan in fighting for his amendment last week. “I dare say that never in the history of this country has so much money been wasted so quickly. And, yes, there is fraud involved, there is abuse involved, and it is the case that there is a dramatic amount of taxpayers’ money that is now being wasted.”

Now I know how Republicans like to pretend they are fiscally conservative (which is a complete fucking lie). If we temporarily give them the benefit of the doubt, wouldn’t you think that they would support a bill intended to save taxpayers money?

How silly of you to think these fuckwits would be rational. No, they tabled the bill, “effectively rejecting the amendment. Every single Senate Republican voted against the measure to make the contracting process honest and impose penalties on those who break the law.”

They voted against a bill to make sure that contractors are honest and don’t break the law!

Even if you are uncomfortable with the Democrats, they are fucking geniuses compared to the completely asinine, fucked up and retarded GOP.

Republicans: Pro-Fraud

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