OK, my fascination with my little war with The Reclusive Leftist is turning into sort of a dull annoyance. We are clearly oil and water. I bumped heads with her on one other issue and it turned similarly ugly. Not blaming her, not blaming me, some people are just not good at communicating together. Back from my Usenet days I have developed certain skills. One is a pretty thick skin. I do slap back when I get slapped, but I never take it personally. Call me an idiot in one message and get back to debate in the next and I will forget all about that idiot crap. Another is a dogged persistence to the topic. I am argumentative but it is a love of debate that makes me so, not a desire to beat others down. Some people enjoy the type and style of debate that I do and others do not. It appears this style is too heavy handed for The Reclusive Leftist. Fair enough.

Someone please point me to some asshole Republican blogger I can use as a punching bag for a while…


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