Rot in Hell Herbert Chalmers Jr.

I sometimes wish I believed in Hell just so people like Herbert Chalmers Jr. could rot in eternal torture. Apparently he didn’t read my previous plea that losers like him just shoot themselves first and save us all a bunch of trouble.

It also seems a bit odd that Walmart sold him ammo even as he bragged that he was going to kill his boss. They did call the cops, which is good. Too bad they sold him the ammo.

I absolutely deplore this sort of lame shit. Getting fired, even unfairly, is not something that entitles you to kill people. We all agree that is obvious. How do retarded morons like Herbert Chalmers Jr. even get this far in life? You’d think Darwin would take out scum like this before they had a chance to reproduce.

Rot in Hell Herbert Chalmers Jr.

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