vim sucks at editing large files

This is techie rant.

We unix/linux/open source guys like to pretend that we use the highest quality software that exists. I believe in most cases this is true. I still get pissed off, though, every time I try to edit a large file with vim. Face it, folks, sometimes you need to edit large files. It shouldn’t be that damn hard. I am editing a 760k file. Mind you, it is a mysql dump and has very few very long lines. It is still a trivial amount of bytes in this day and age and yet I am sitting here watching it faithfully doing nothing for minute after minute.

Here is my vim process:

31730 lolife 25 0 7552 4976 1576 R 99.9 0.5 6:45.26 vim

…using 99.9% of a nice fast dual-CPU box to edit a freaking 760k file!

Can some genius set me straight on this?

vim sucks at editing large files

One thought on “vim sucks at editing large files

  1. As usual, once you appeal to a higher authority you generally figure it out.

    The problem was the syntax highlighting. Once I shut that off it worked instantaneously.


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