Yeah, what Mark said

(If you haven’t already, please read the preceding post titled Abortion and the Right to Privacy. It’s long but it moves quick.)

Mark is arguing that even if you want abortion to be legal, implementing it by attacking the right to privacy hurts you. It hurts all of us and it hurts the Right by breaking one of their prime ideals — no more government than necessary. Mind you: I’m not talking about abortion. I’m talking about the other rights, as Mark outlines, that we lose in the deal. The right to privacy is fundamentally a limit on what government can impose on us. It’s a good thing and Republicans want it to. They are just so fixated on abortion that they are willing to give up anything to get it criminalized.

Listen up, you pro-Lifers, let’s keep fighting but you have to find a better tactic than attacking the right to privacy. You want privacy, too. It’s the wrong place to fight abortion.

Yeah, what Mark said

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