South Dakotans Suck

The Star Tribune is reporting that South Dakota’s Governor has signed the abortion ban into law.

Isn’t it funny? The Republicans get Alito and Roberts on the court and they rush headlong into a constitutional battle. What a bunch of fuckwits. So eager to subjugate the rights of women. So eager to insert law enforcement into the doctor’s office. These people are religious and they want us to honor their religion, too. They are sick of us having sex and having a good time. It’s blue law time, baby! Let’s set the clock back to some failed backwards-ass ideal of the 1950’s. We can fix this whole immoral country if we just incarcerate a few more people!

They will be trying to put the Bible back in public schools real soon now…

South Dakotans Suck

2 thoughts on “South Dakotans Suck

  1. Your comments are not unreasonable, per se, yet (I believe) they are wrong. Here’s why.

    1) If women wanted to pass laws governing what men did with their sperm, you would not see the logic in it at all. This is fundamentally about women having control of their bodies. I would submit to you that a fetus has no political rights until it is living outside of the womb, period. You guys can pretend otherwise, but women have these options regardless of what laws you pass.

    2) Men don’t get to have it both ways on this paternity thing. Men often fuck the women and then disappear. Even when the court mandates support, many don’t pay, don’t help in any way and leave the burden completely on the woman. Even though this does not apply to all men, the bottom line is that women don’t get a choice and men do. It seems out-of-whack that men can force a woman to keep a baby yet nothing the courts or law enforcement can do will force a man to parent a child.

    All of this hinges on the notion that an unborn child has political rights and that the State has an interest in protecting those rights over the rights of the Mother. I don’t believe this is true and if we were talking about men it for sure wouldn’t be true. Women have second-rate status in America because of the Bible.

    Note: with all this said, I still think we should all agree to work together to prevent unwanted pregnancies! The whole issue goes away if we can keep people from getting pregnant who don’t want to be pregnant. The word for this is birth control, something the freaking right to lifers are also against.

    I appreciate your comments!



  2. While I’m not in total agreement with the ban, it is the states right to do so. They were elected by a majority of the population and apparently the majority is ok with this.
    While religion does play a part in it, let’s take a look at this from another viewpoint. The liberals of this world want everyone to see their point of view as the one and only right way of thinking and that we should all embrace a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy regardless of which term she’s in or her frame of mind when the decision is made. I will always defend a father’s right to consent before the procedure (exceptions, molestation, rape, incest and immediate health risk to the mother). It took two to make that baby, why doesn’t the father have a say in this?? I’ve known too many fathers that never knew, and if they did life may have been better for the all.
    When it comes down to it, is there anything wrong with a little morality in our lives? (not that I’m judging).
    We pass laws on unnecessary surgery, prescribing of lethal drugs and in some states Drs assisting in suicide, why can’t a state pass a law governing this procedure. It might have been a better choice to pass a waiting period, they do with guns, as well as the fathers right to know.
    Yes, it’s a woman’s body but the fetus is shared.
    Thanks for listening!


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