Conservative NFL Coaches

New study shows that professional football coaches tend toward conservative decision-making behavior

I didn’t shed a single tear when the Vikings fired Mike Tice because of the above. There are two good reasons to have some balls every now and then. One, as mentioned in the article above, it increases your chance of winning! I always think of the Ice Bowl when Lombardy went for 2 points after the touchdown because it was cold and he wanted people to be able to go home. No NFL coach today has balls that big. They’d all go for the tie like a bunch of pussies.

The other reason to have balls is that it changes the momentum. The winning team is almost always the team that feels like they are winning. If you feel like you are losing and then the coach covers his balls with his hands and calls the pussy-ass conservative play, you will feel more like a loser than you did before. Mike Tice, when with the Vikings, missed a lot of opportunities to have some balls and change the momentum and he never did it once. Not a single time. Not one punt fake, not one field goal fake, rarely ever going for it on 4th down. He was a coward and that is why he is not a head coach anymore.

To me, this is the whole downside of political conservatism as well. It is the policy that change is bad, implying that things are perfect now. This is a philosophy that is almost always wrong.

Conservative NFL Coaches

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