Ender's Game Guy

Orson Scott Card has a rant against marriage. He’s the guy that wrote the book Ender’s Game, which is a great book. Now he wrote a piece on Intelligent Design and PZ gives him a spanking.

Reading this reminded me of something I heard lately, which is nothing new but I hadn’t heard it before. It was that evolution is a fact. Natural selection is a theory to explain the facts we see regarding evolution, but evolution is a fact.

Card, in his piece, basically acknowledges that evolution and even natural selection are at work but argues they are not the entire answer.

My reponse is my normal ol’ broken record response. There isn’t evidence of intelligent design. It’s a fantastically unsuccessful scientific theory. Most question whether you can validly consider it a scientific theory at all. When you are arguing with scientists about science, you can’t be light on the science part. The ID movement is virtually devoid of true scientific argument.

Ender's Game Guy

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